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Translate your site

Let's translate docs/ to French.

Configure i18n#

Modify docusaurus.config.js to add support for the fr locale:

module.exports = {  i18n: {    defaultLocale: 'en',    locales: ['en', 'fr'],  },};

Translate a doc#

Copy the docs/ file to the i18n/fr folder:

mkdir -p i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current/
cp docs/ i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current/

Translate i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current/ in French.

Start your localized site#

Start your site on the French locale:

npm run start -- --locale fr

Your localized site is accessible at http://localhost:3000/fr/ and the Getting Started page is translated.


In development, you can only use one locale at a same time.

Add a Locale Dropdown#

To navigate seamlessly across languages, add a locale dropdown.

Modify the docusaurus.config.js file:

module.exports = {  themeConfig: {    navbar: {      items: [        {          type: 'localeDropdown',        },      ],    },  },};

The locale dropdown now appears in your navbar:

Locale Dropdown

Build your localized site#

Build your site for a specific locale:

npm run build -- --locale fr

Or build your site to include all the locales at once:

npm run build