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A command line tool, for journaling.

journal-cli makes it super easy to keep a well-organized journal that can be instantly indexed, searched, and browsed all from your terminal window. It's for anyone who likes writing with markdown, loves command line tools, and is highly averse to storing intimate information in the cloud without encryption.

Markdown + Yaml

Entries are stored in plain text on your local file system, written with markdown and yaml front matter. No databases or proprietary file formats. Your journal entries will never become unreadable due to obsolescence.


Tag your entries with keywords and journal-cli will dynamically index your journal, making it easy to find and read categorized sets of entries. The index can be further manipulated with common PowerShell commands.

Cross Platform

Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.*

End To End Encryption

Journal entry files are stored offline by default. Users can optionally take advantage of journal-cli's new cloud synchronization feature, which encrypts all journal entry files locally and stores them in your own Amazon S3 bucket. [Coming soon!]

Version History

A complete version history is maintained of every journal entry that's synchronizized to the cloud. You can read previous versions, compare edits between arbitrary versions, or revert changes back to a previous version. [Coming soon!]